We’re here to make you a better shooter…not just make your gun go bang!

We believe people who own guns should hold themselves to a higher standard. Our aim is to assist gun-owners of NWA and parts beyond to achieve that gold standard. And then maintain it through regular instruction and target practice.

We are not a public shooting range.  Instead we use our shooting range on sale is this jack hammer 🙂 in conjunction with our training academy to bring renowned competitive and educational shooting opportunities to NWA for serious gun enthusiasts of all experience levels. Monthly we offer classes such as CHL and Basic Gun Handling along with USPSA and IDPA competition matches. Our signature annual Nighthawk Custom Challenge IDPA Match is a can’t miss and Ruger Rimfire Challenge State Matches are family-friendly events enjoyed by young and old at all levels of experience. We host classes for guest instructors such as Massad Ayoob, Rangemaster, D.T.I., and others throughout the year.

Private lessons are available and group lessons and events can be accommodated as well.

Many local law enforcement agencies utilize our facilities for departmental drills Ridgid impact wrench, training and qualifications at little to no cost.

Here’s what’s coming up at NCTA…pick one and give us a try…you won’t regret it.

Scroll down to view all upcoming classes and events. They are listed in chronological order. If more than one date is offered be sure to click on the date you want to register for.

  1. What is ASSERT Training?

ASSERT Training stands for Active School Shooter Emergency Response Team Training. ASSERT Training is a 53 hour comprehensive training program for training school faculty how to respond in an active shooter scenario in their school. Why? Because unless the shooter’s first contact is with a school resource officer, the school faculty are truly the first responders in an active shooter crisis. They must be trained to make a quick assessment and respond in multiple ways under extreme stress.

FBI Statistics on Active Shooters

  • Active-shooter incidents often occur in small- and medium-sized communities where police departments are limited by budget constraints and small workforces.
  • The average active-shooter incident lasts 12 minutes. Thirty-seven percent last less than 5 minutes.
  • Overwhelmingly, the offender is a single shooter (98 percent), primarily male (97 percent). In 40 percent of the instances, they kill themselves.
  • Two percent of the shooters bring IEDs as an additional weapon.
  • In 10 percent of the cases, the shooter stops and walks away. In 20 percent of the cases, the shooter goes mobile, moving to another location.
  • Forty-three percent of the time, the crime is over before police arrive. In 57 percent of the shootings, an officer arrives while the shooting is still underway.
  • The shooter often stops as soon as he hears or sees law enforcement, sometimes turning his anger or aggression on law enforcement.
  • Patrol officers are most likely responding alone or with a partner. When responding alone, 75 percent had to take action.
  • A third of those officers who enter the incident alone are shot by the intruder.

Why Train Faculty?

Excerpted from Those Terrible First Few Minutes  Revisiting Active-Shooter Protocols for Schools

By Michael E. Buerger, Ph.D., and Geoffrey E. Buerger, Ph.D.

“The list of school shootings continues to grow. School administrators, law enforcement personnel, parents, and concerned citizens must consider all possibilities. An effective top corded hammers / electric response requires school-specific planning and coordination grounded in local conditions. To open a discussion on and promote the development of options for action during those first few minutes when hiding quietly and waiting for help may not be viable are paramount goals for all communities.”

Armed or Unarmed:

We offer two levels of training.

Level I for schools who want their faculty to be TRAINED NOT ARMED

Level II for schools who want their faculty to be TRAINED AND ARMED

For information on either level of ASSERT Training please contact us by emailing us, filling out the form below or calling us at 479-866-7280.

We will work with you to create a plan specific to your school and your needs.

Top B-B-Q Grills based on different categories

Have you been to barbeque restaurants? Sure you would have visited one. If you had enjoyed eating there then you will be really tempted to make some grilled food at home. Why do you want to go to a restaurant to enjoy the B-B-Q, if you can do it yourself in the grill. What if you are able to carry your grill to an excellent camp site? Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Planning to purchase an outdoor grill this year? Here is some information on top outdoor grills in the market. Grills are of different types. It can be an Electric grill, gas grill or a charcoal grill. Some of the top brands in each category are listed out here.

One Of The Top Electric Grill available in the market

George Foreman GFO240S Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

This is the grill made famous by George Foreman and is a pioneer in Barbeque grills. It has sold over a million pieces and is very popular in the market.

It is best for both indoor and outdoor use

It comes with a waist height stand which makes it comfortable for outdoor cooking.

The stand is detachable so you can carry it easily.

The temperature adjustable knob lets you to control the temperature.

Maintenance is also very easy. It is made of non stick surface so it can be washed easily.

It has a sloped surface which makes it unique. As the surface is slope, the oil and fat gets removed from the dish making it healthier.

One Of The Top Gas Grill available in the market

Weber E-310

this grill E–310 is HIGH QUALITY MAD BY WEBER Co.

It has three stainless steel burner.

It has an inbuilt thermometer so that one can note the temperature of the grill easily.

It has lot of cooking space.

It has porcelain coated enamelled bars to give you an exact smoky taste.

The porcelain enamel coating also makes it easy to clean.

Another advantage of this porcelain enamelled grate is that it maintains the temperature of the food longer. Visit https://www.kickassbbq.com/best-grills-on-gas/ to know more on other gas grills.

One Of The Top Charcoal grill available in the market

Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill

It has a unique design to catch ash which is very helpful to clean at the end of cooking. You need not remove the grill to clean it off. It is enough if you pull the lever that is provided to move the ash to the cup present under the firebox

It comes with a digital temperature controller which helps to maintain the heat.

It has got removable racks so one can remove it when an extra space is needed or when the upper rack is not in use.

The cooking area is also large and you can cook many items at a time.

The square shaped design is an additional benefit to use the space properly for grilling more dishes.

Check how my grill works on pellets..latest reviews! to know how the users feel about pellet. These are only few top grills available in the market. Visit https://www.kickassbbq.com/top-grills/ to know lots more about the top rated grills in detail. Purchase the best outdoor grill and enjoy healthy and tasty food.

Binoculars for Stargazing

Types of Binoculars:

Binoculars are mainly categorized based on their prism used. So there are two types of binoculars Roof Prism and Porro Prism. If we need to know which prism is better for the binoculars, there is no one particular answer. Each binocular type has its own merits and demerits. Based on the requirement of the real user one may favor one particular type than the other device.

* Roof Prism: Roof prism is the compact designed compared to Porro, as the prisms in the binocular are aligned with each other. This is ideal for persons who love to watch nature, birds and animals. The image quality might be slightly compromised because of the less internal parts.

* Porro Prism: Porro Prism binoculars have their lenses spaced well with each other. So the images are of better quality. It is quite economical compared to roof prism. This is ideal for bird watching and sporting events.

Even though the binoculars are broadly categorized based on their prism, there are also binoculars that are used for specific purposes. There are binoculars specific for gazing stars at the sky, binoculars to use under water like marine binoculars etc.

Astronomical Binoculars:

Astronomical Binoculars are specifically made to look at the sky and research on the planets and stars. There are so many activities around the year that happens in the sky like eclipses. Even though majority of the population believe that telescopes are used for this purposes, only few in the industry know that the binoculars are also used for a very specific cases.

There are lot of stars that are invisible when viewed with just our eyes. While using binoculars, we can actually view the wide range of the stars that are missed out. Are there any of the binoculars that are best for stargazing?? There are many binoculars that actually lets us explore the fine details of the planets , stars that are present in the galaxies.

Better View than Telescope:

Binoculars usually have a wider angle for viewing compared to telescope. So the scope of the view is naturally better while gazing at the enormous galaxy. From an amateur to Professionals the binoculars so simple to use for viewing the star flooded galaxy. It helps them to study about the clusters in star, their position relative to earth’s rotation etc. If you are an amateur or a casual star gazer, definitely you want this model of binocular {night vision} enabled.

Customized Binoculars:

Binoculars are customized based on its requirement. In any field, a pro or an amateur will always find the binoculars more useful when the detailed finite information is needed. Current technology has a high impact on the binoculars. With these technologies the binoculars come in different sizes and design with features like water proof, night vision and even floatable. Based on the requirement and features the costs of the binoculars also vary.

If you ask where can I buy the best binoculars for $200??? Or where to find the the most rewarded binoculars for Hunting in woods Or where to find the best binocular with excellent night vision, there is no one particular binocular that meets all of the said requirements. We need to validate the suitability based on one’s requirement for binocular.

Virtual Reality Headsets – Not Bright Always But Sometimes Dark Too

The Virtual Reality Headsets are known for the quality and accuracy they offer in whatever is watched or viewed using them. But there are also problems doing this. All the pictures and games have a limitation in the pixels they are designed with and offer the viewer in the running mode. The very function of VR sets is to make the picture or the game to be played in reality mode which gives the viewer a very close encounter with the picture quality. Now the ones that have a very low pixel quality and such things that cannot be displayed using a VR set damages the quality of the picture while viewed through a VR. The user will be able to note the gaps in the picture columns and rows and hence there will be completely nil clarity and the picture might look blurring and disturbed. This is one major problem with the VR sets. So anything that has to be viewed or played through a VR should necessarily be of high- definition picture quality.

In technical terms, when the VR sets try to enlarge the view of a normal picture, there might be flaws or damages in the magnification process. And the problem of visibility of columns and rows of a picture is termed as screen-door effect. This was very much evident in the initial prototypes but with development in technology this was reduced to a great extent but still the problem of this effect exists and the only solution for this could be as stated above, changing all normal pictures into high-definition ones.

Google is also one major name in the manufacture of these devices and also Playstation makes good VR products. It is always good to stick to known brands for they offer reliability in their products and the quality offered by them in the display and the functioning of the device is unparalleled. Does HTC vive come with HTC Vive with coupons? Yes interested people can use the promo codes and the coupons with the dealers and avail a discount in the prizes and also grab some amazing accessories at a rebated price. Similar offers and promotions are available with almost all the brands and this happens during some peak seasons of the year.

For people who are new to this field, here is news for you that might take you by surprise. OCULUS Rift is made and sold by Facebook. Is that not news really? How many of us were aware of this? All we know about Facebook is that it a social networking service or app but this fact of a VR set from its side was unknown to many of us. This product is a very popular brand in the market and is the preferred choice of many. Now with this news in the air, its popularity is definite to leap to great heights. Thank GOD Oculus Rift is on SALE HERE!, in the official website of the manufacturer and this is one fantastic place to make a purchase at an unimaginable rate.

Wireless Microphones And Microphones For Recording

If you are in the sound recording business, microphones are a must have in your industry. And sound recording isn’t restricted only to musicians, these days the internet is choc-a-bloc with artistes who are using various platforms – YouTube, SoundCloud, etc – to make their mark and for them, it is important to have the best equipment at hand!

My Oktava MK-319 rocks!!!

When it comes to microphones, Oktava is the best in the business. Launched in 2012, the Oktava MK-319 is a derivative of the MK-219. These Russian made microphones are not known for their looks but for their recording capacity.

Here are a few salient features:

* Same circuitry as the mk-219

* Loarge gold-coated diaphgram

* FET electronics

* Good output transformer

The sound is full-bodied and quite smooth and makes the person sound like themselves, if, however, you want to take it to the next level, then there are a few modifications you can make to the mic that will take it to the next level. This modification will help accentuate the pluses of the mic and help tune out the minuses thereby elevating the sound to world-class quality. For the money paid, and the resultant output, my oktava mk-319 truly rocks!

If you are looking for other brands, here are some specs/price/availability Scarlett 2i2. Sold by Focusrite, this is a well-known interface and true to its name this is a bright red interface.


1. 2 balanced inputs – front panel combo jacks – mic/line/instrument

2. 2 balanced outputs with monitor level control – rear panel TRS

3. Headphone output with volume control

4. +10 to +55 dB gain range for preamps

5. Halo signal and overload metering on inputs

6. Phantom power button

7. Switchable line/input for each input

8. Direct monitor switch

9. USB2

10. 96 kHz max sample rate

11. Red anodized aluminum unibody case

12. Includes USB cable, Scarlett plug-in suite (EQ, Compressor, Gate, Reverb)



Availability: It is quite easily available on Amazon. The product is usually well-stocked.

And now for wireless mics. These are highly convenient, especially when you need to be mobile and need to create an air of informality. Here are best wireless mics ●● in the market today

1. Shure SLX2/SM58 – this is great for live music performances, lectures, in the boardrooms, wherever people congregate and where one needs to speak

2. Audio Technica PRO-502 – great price, great sound, great features

3. Shure BLX288/PG58 – very popular and uses high end tech to give you the best sound

4. Pyle-Pro PDWM 2100 – comes with two units and is great for small spaces

5. Audio Technica ATR288W – Can work in ranges from 100” to 300” depending on the conditions

If you’re a recording artiste, making sure you get the best sound is everything. Here’s a tip on the best microphone for recording. Recording microphones are condensing microphones. These mics are ideal because they are quite sensitive and record a wide range of frequencies. This way you get the most optimum output for your vocals.

Drones: The Future Of Photography!

Drones have become extremely popular these days. But many people think they are just toys to play with. They have evolved from being mere toys to have use for economic and surveillance purposes. Drones are helping with security concerns helps governing people. It becomes an easier and more convenient option for disaster management. It helps to recover stranded and stuck people easily. It helps in weather management too. It also helps to forecast future natural disasters. It reduces cost and decreases manpower utilized.

Eachine racer 250 review:

1. Drones are majorly used for better photography and videography, as well for security and governance.

2. But with affordable drones making their presence in the market, there is a new sport that is becoming a trend these days which drone racing.

3. Though it is not completely established or governed by a set of rules it is slowly gaining popularity.

4. And there are many drones that cater specifically to this criteria.

5. Eachine Racer 250 is one such drone.

6. The first and most important feature of this drone is that it is extremely affordable.

7. Just because it is cheap it does not mean that it is not powerful. It is as powerful as the advanced options available in the market.

8. The feature that makes it most ideal one for racing is, that it is extremely lightweight.

9. All the accessories are sturdy and of high quality.

10. And for the affordable price it is the best deal one can get.

Syma X5C Review:

* This is the best option in entry level drones. Which means if you plan to buy one just for menial jobs and do not expect much performance. Investing in Syma X5C is a good decision.

* It is a good option for people looking to learn and master using drones.

* It is a toy grade drone and is also called as quadcopter.

* It also holds it altitude which is a great feature in a drone with such cheap price.

Akaso X5C Review:

* This is another good option for beginners.

* It falls in the affordable price range too.

* It has a special feature of 365 degree spin which can be used for many new tricks that can be showcased.

* For such low price it has amazing stability properties.

* Stabilization is an important factor that affects the performance of quadcopter.

* This drone is also toy grade.

* When you compare Akaso X5C vs drones that provide the same features, you would find great difference in prices.

Drones are majorly used for videography. With easy maneuvering and access to the most inaccessible places drones have become great option for creating high quality videos. For people planning to venture or practice using drones it is highly advisable that they invest in quadcopters first. Later they can think for investing in fully featured drones for better functions.Drones usually come with cameras in them, but you can also use major high definition cameras like SLR and DSLR for high quality video shooting. You might find popular brands like Canon camera for drone or Nikon and other famous brands. Drone is a futuristic product that combines binoculars, video shooting, camera etc.

how to buy radar detectors / cheap detectors

If you are a biker who loves riding or you drive a lot daily as a part of your profession, there might be several instances where you exceed the normal speed limit and receive speeding tickets. Several speeding tickets might look bad on your driving record, no matter what the reason was behind your higher speed. So a radar detector can be a great thing to save you from a lot of such instances. There are a lot of options when it comes to buying a radar detector. With a lot of advanced features and varied price ranges, it is difficult to choose and buy a radar detector. Here is a review of some of the famous ones to help you choose the best radar detectors / cheap detectors.

Cobra radar detectors are very popular. Read my Cobra SPX 5500 review to know more about this popular device. The SPX 5500 has been released with some of the best features. With almost twice the detection range of its predecessors, this device can alert you well in advance. The top-notch text display is great for easy viewing on the road. The sweep times are also fast and thus can quickly and effectively spot even the fastest of radar guns. You do not have to take your eyes off the road to check any alert that is displayed as the device comes with clear voice alerts. The signal strength indication option would also help you know roughly the distance between your vehicle and the closest radar gun.

If you are looking for a lower price alternative, probing further deep into the topic can help you locate the BEST cheap radar detector and the options are many. The Cobra ESD7570 is comparatively lower priced and performs well in detecting both radars and lasers. As an additional perk users also get warned of the road hazards as well as any emergency vehicles ahead. The Whistler XTR-140 is another popular detector in the affordable radar detector segment. One of the unique features of this detector is the two alert periscopes included in it.

Escort Redline is another name that often comes up while talking about the high-performance radar detectors. But there are some motorists who claim that Cobra is better than Escort redline – 2016, 2017 review from their personal experience with the products. Each has its own benefits. Which one is better is more of a personal opinion of the driver.

As a bottom-line to help you decide better COBRA radar detector is reviewed here! Many divers prefer Cobra detectors over the other brands. Cobra ESD7570 which we had reviewed earlier, Cobra XRS9470 and XRS9370 are the most popular ones in the lower price range segment. This is for the beginners. The convenient features for the affordable price make them the best value deals. Cobra detectors come with super-fast detection capabilities. In addition to the above models mentioned here, there are a lot of other feature-packed radar detectors that would not burn a big hole in your pocket.

Accessorizing the DSLR Cameras

Have you bought a new DSLR Camera for you? Happy with it? It is not yet over. As a photo hobbyist, it is important to accessorize your DSLR Cameras. In addition to enhancing the camera’s ability, these accessories offer protection to the camera. While some accessories are basic requirements for a good photographer, some are “nice” to have options. Here are the top accessories that is often sought by the camera lovers.

Camera Bag

Most of the cameras that you buy will come along with a decent Camera bag. But are these camera bags durable enough? Do they protect your camera? Usually, these camera bags would be of low quality and is not enough to protect your camera. If you are a traveller and you are transporting you DSLR camera along with you, then you need to invest on a best camera backpack. A good camera backpack will be able to distribute the load evenly so that carrying heavy load of equipment for a long time can be done in a protected manner. Buy Camera bags that are compact and at the same time, provides complete protection to your camera.

Cable Organizer

To avoid all the chaos with cables, photographers need cable organizers that can hold power cords, battery chargers, lens, cleaning clothes and much more extras.

Camera Cleaning Gear

The camera cleaning gear is an important accessory for the camera. Be it the best canon cameras, the best Nikon DSLR or any other camera for that matter, it needs a basic set of cleaning gear. With the help of good cleaning products, the images taken from the camera will be spotless.

Audio Adapter

With the HD Video capability, shooting videos and stills photos comes as one package. But as DSLRs are limited to the usage of internal mics, audio for video adapters are necessary to allow the use of professional mics. These kinds of adapters are best suited for cameras like Canon EOS 5D and Panasonic cameras.

Neck Strap

There are many styles of Neck straps available. Some of the straps are made of materials that are shock proof and are less irritating. Also, this fabric is made of non-slip material to keep the camera in place, around the shoulder.

Polarizer Filter

To reduce reflections on shiny objects, a polarizer is a great option to buy. These polarizers are priced at different rates based on the filter diameter.


The most crucial accessory that is needed while taking pictures is the Tripod. Carbon fibre tripods are the most desirable as they are sturdy and at the same time, lightweight. Along with the tripod, a ball head firmly attaches the camera to the tripod. Tripods are available in different sizes.

Low Light Capable Lens

As most of the standard lens that come with DSLRs cannot handle low light conditions, low light capable lenses are an essential part of a photographers’ kit.

There are more accessories and they all vary per the photographers’ choice. It doesn’t matter whether you are Canon lover, a Nikon fan or a Pentax K1 follower, accessorize you DSLRs for capturing wonderful images.

Set Up A Solar Generator With Solar Panels Easily

Nowadays many people are interested in using renewable energy, there has been lot of positive push from governments to use solar energy. Many people confuse the term solar generator with solar panel. To make the former clear, let us assume a situation where there is a power cut. In this situation, many use a fuel driven generator to supply power continuously. One can have constant supply of power only when the standard or normal generator is running with the help of the fuel. Many think that a solar panel produces power in replacement of the normal generator continuously in case of power failure. However the solar panel is just an equivalent of the fuel and it just absorbs the energy from the sun.

It does not produce power directly.

To use the solar generator to produce power continuously, batteries should be connected to the solar panel. This battery is used to store the power as needed and could later be used to provide continuous power supply like a normal generator. It is not that difficult to build a solar generator yourself.

Solar generator is just a connection of different equipments that helps to convert the solar power, store it and use it to charge your devices.

Here are the components that are needed for those who asks how can I make solar generator DIY?

* Solar Panels: This is the main component which captures the solar energy from the sun

* Deep Cycle battery: solar batteries deep cycle is where the energy is going to be stored. Rv/ Marine batteries and AGM batteries are the best for solar generators. They could be charged and discharged any number of times. One could also purchase one in solar batteries for sale online.

* Charge Controller: The power that comes in or out directly from the battery may result in over charging and may lead to severe damages to the battery used. The charge controller limits the amount of wattage that comes in or out from the battery.

* Inverter: The other main component is the inverter. The power that is stored in the battery is of DC current. This cannot be directly used for normal applications. This has to be converted to AC Current. This is where the use of inverter arises. The Inverter converts the DC to AC current.

Connection: Integrate all the components by drilling on holes on them and connecting them together with wires.

Once you integrate them together, connect it with the solar panel. Make sure that all the components are placed away from the panel.

A solar generator is the best one to have with you during a camping or long distance travel. One cannot go in search for charging your electronic devices or your car. It would be of great use at home, when there is no power supply.

If you have all the components by your side, you could easily set up a solar generator yourself.

If you find it to be tedious or felt lazy to set up one yourself, then go ahead and purchase a solar generator manufactured by YETI company!

Click To Buy Guns

Buying guns online are more common than one can assume. The verification and the registration process must be followed up necessarily. Many brands encourage shopping for guns over the internet because it is easier to check out all the models along with the advantages, disadvantages and the reviews of the various customers of the product. This simplifies the sale to many degrees.

CorBon is on top of the list of high-velocity ammunition. It generates maximum and efficient performance with every loading. Looking for cheap corbon ammo is not the solution. Cheap ammunition will not solve your issue. It cannot do justice to the rifles. It is vital to improving and enhances the ballistics of the cartridge.

The Ruger LCP has a fantastic Carbon Fiber. The Ruger lcp 380 price reflects on the quality, performance and the sale of the product. It is a semi-automatic handgun – a pistol that performs with phenomenal accuracy. With a ninety day warranty and available finance, the pistol is one of the most preferred weapons. It is considered to be the best home defence gun one can find in the market. With security issues cropping up due to various political reasons, a gun at home to defend yourself should the need arise has become a critical need.

Another popular choice is the SIG P238. The fact that it is preferred by professionals and those who defend the nation makes it a good buy for one and all. Read more in this SIG P238 review.

There are many people who are against purchasing guns online. The violence ratio in the United States has increased drastically in the past decade. This is because of the increase in the number of guns amongst the public. The gun regulation should have a lid. It must not be available to every Tom, Dick, and Harry is the popular verdict. There are cases of gunmen barging into educational institutions such as schools and colleges and killing innocent students and children. A lack of regulation is blamed for being the cause of such tragedies.

The other side of the argument is that as long as the wrong people do not get their hands on the weapons. Banning guns are not the solution. On the contrary. Legal weapons must be available to those who need it and want it. The key word here is ‘legal’. It means that appropriate background checking must be done. All documents regarding the prospective buyer must be filed. Any past history that could be negative to his credibilities, such as violence or rage must be noted and used against him.

Buying a gun is not a small thing. With the availability of the weapons made easy, everyone wants to own one. While customers justify the need for the weapon, an independent committee may be set up to evaluate the same.

Guns are available online. They must be purchased after proper consideration. It has raised many questions. The information that is available online may not be given to you by the store dealer who is busy with many customers. Gun sales have peaked in the past few years. The anti-gun crowd calls the guns evil. Those who are insecure and want to be safe call it a necessary evil.