Accessorizing the DSLR Cameras

Have you bought a new DSLR Camera for you? Happy with it? It is not yet over. As a photo hobbyist, it is important to accessorize your DSLR Cameras. In addition to enhancing the camera’s ability, these accessories offer protection to the camera. While some accessories are basic requirements for a good photographer, some are “nice” to have options. Here are the top accessories that is often sought by the camera lovers.

Camera Bag

Most of the cameras that you buy will come along with a decent Camera bag. But are these camera bags durable enough? Do they protect your camera? Usually, these camera bags would be of low quality and is not enough to protect your camera. If you are a traveller and you are transporting you DSLR camera along with you, then you need to invest on a best camera backpack. A good camera backpack will be able to distribute the load evenly so that carrying heavy load of equipment for a long time can be done in a protected manner. Buy Camera bags that are compact and at the same time, provides complete protection to your camera.

Cable Organizer

To avoid all the chaos with cables, photographers need cable organizers that can hold power cords, battery chargers, lens, cleaning clothes and much more extras.

Camera Cleaning Gear

The camera cleaning gear is an important accessory for the camera. Be it the best canon cameras, the best Nikon DSLR or any other camera for that matter, it needs a basic set of cleaning gear. With the help of good cleaning products, the images taken from the camera will be spotless.

Audio Adapter

With the HD Video capability, shooting videos and stills photos comes as one package. But as DSLRs are limited to the usage of internal mics, audio for video adapters are necessary to allow the use of professional mics. These kinds of adapters are best suited for cameras like Canon EOS 5D and Panasonic cameras.

Neck Strap

There are many styles of Neck straps available. Some of the straps are made of materials that are shock proof and are less irritating. Also, this fabric is made of non-slip material to keep the camera in place, around the shoulder.

Polarizer Filter

To reduce reflections on shiny objects, a polarizer is a great option to buy. These polarizers are priced at different rates based on the filter diameter.


The most crucial accessory that is needed while taking pictures is the Tripod. Carbon fibre tripods are the most desirable as they are sturdy and at the same time, lightweight. Along with the tripod, a ball head firmly attaches the camera to the tripod. Tripods are available in different sizes.

Low Light Capable Lens

As most of the standard lens that come with DSLRs cannot handle low light conditions, low light capable lenses are an essential part of a photographers’ kit.

There are more accessories and they all vary per the photographers’ choice. It doesn’t matter whether you are Canon lover, a Nikon fan or a Pentax K1 follower, accessorize you DSLRs for capturing wonderful images.