Set Up A Solar Generator With Solar Panels Easily

Nowadays many people are interested in using renewable energy, there has been lot of positive push from governments to use solar energy. Many people confuse the term solar generator with solar panel. To make the former clear, let us assume a situation where there is a power cut. In this situation, many use a fuel driven generator to supply power continuously. One can have constant supply of power only when the standard or normal generator is running with the help of the fuel. Many think that a solar panel produces power in replacement of the normal generator continuously in case of power failure. However the solar panel is just an equivalent of the fuel and it just absorbs the energy from the sun.

It does not produce power directly.

To use the solar generator to produce power continuously, batteries should be connected to the solar panel. This battery is used to store the power as needed and could later be used to provide continuous power supply like a normal generator. It is not that difficult to build a solar generator yourself.

Solar generator is just a connection of different equipments that helps to convert the solar power, store it and use it to charge your devices.

Here are the components that are needed for those who asks how can I make solar generator DIY?

* Solar Panels: This is the main component which captures the solar energy from the sun

* Deep Cycle battery: solar batteries deep cycle is where the energy is going to be stored. Rv/ Marine batteries and AGM batteries are the best for solar generators. They could be charged and discharged any number of times. One could also purchase one in solar batteries for sale online.

* Charge Controller: The power that comes in or out directly from the battery may result in over charging and may lead to severe damages to the battery used. The charge controller limits the amount of wattage that comes in or out from the battery.

* Inverter: The other main component is the inverter. The power that is stored in the battery is of DC current. This cannot be directly used for normal applications. This has to be converted to AC Current. This is where the use of inverter arises. The Inverter converts the DC to AC current.

Connection: Integrate all the components by drilling on holes on them and connecting them together with wires.

Once you integrate them together, connect it with the solar panel. Make sure that all the components are placed away from the panel.

A solar generator is the best one to have with you during a camping or long distance travel. One cannot go in search for charging your electronic devices or your car. It would be of great use at home, when there is no power supply.

If you have all the components by your side, you could easily set up a solar generator yourself.

If you find it to be tedious or felt lazy to set up one yourself, then go ahead and purchase a solar generator manufactured by YETI company!