Top B-B-Q Grills based on different categories

Have you been to barbeque restaurants? Sure you would have visited one. If you had enjoyed eating there then you will be really tempted to make some grilled food at home. Why do you want to go to a restaurant to enjoy the B-B-Q, if you can do it yourself in the grill. What if you are able to carry your grill to an excellent camp site? Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Planning to purchase an outdoor grill this year? Here is some information on top outdoor grills in the market. Grills are of different types. It can be an Electric grill, gas grill or a charcoal grill. Some of the top brands in each category are listed out here.

One Of The Top Electric Grill available in the market

George Foreman GFO240S Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

This is the grill made famous by George Foreman and is a pioneer in Barbeque grills. It has sold over a million pieces and is very popular in the market.

It is best for both indoor and outdoor use

It comes with a waist height stand which makes it comfortable for outdoor cooking.

The stand is detachable so you can carry it easily.

The temperature adjustable knob lets you to control the temperature.

Maintenance is also very easy. It is made of non stick surface so it can be washed easily.

It has a sloped surface which makes it unique. As the surface is slope, the oil and fat gets removed from the dish making it healthier.

One Of The Top Gas Grill available in the market

Weber E-310

this grill E–310 is HIGH QUALITY MAD BY WEBER Co.

It has three stainless steel burner.

It has an inbuilt thermometer so that one can note the temperature of the grill easily.

It has lot of cooking space.

It has porcelain coated enamelled bars to give you an exact smoky taste.

The porcelain enamel coating also makes it easy to clean.

Another advantage of this porcelain enamelled grate is that it maintains the temperature of the food longer. Visit to know more on other gas grills.

One Of The Top Charcoal grill available in the market

Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill

It has a unique design to catch ash which is very helpful to clean at the end of cooking. You need not remove the grill to clean it off. It is enough if you pull the lever that is provided to move the ash to the cup present under the firebox

It comes with a digital temperature controller which helps to maintain the heat.

It has got removable racks so one can remove it when an extra space is needed or when the upper rack is not in use.

The cooking area is also large and you can cook many items at a time.

The square shaped design is an additional benefit to use the space properly for grilling more dishes.

Check how my grill works on pellets..latest reviews! to know how the users feel about pellet. These are only few top grills available in the market. Visit to know lots more about the top rated grills in detail. Purchase the best outdoor grill and enjoy healthy and tasty food.