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We are not a public shooting range.  Instead we use our shooting range on sale is this jack hammer 🙂 in conjunction with our training academy to bring renowned competitive and educational shooting opportunities to NWA for serious gun enthusiasts of all experience levels. Monthly we offer classes such as CHL and Basic Gun Handling along with USPSA and IDPA competition matches. Our signature annual Nighthawk Custom Challenge IDPA Match is a can’t miss and Ruger Rimfire Challenge State Matches are family-friendly events enjoyed by young and old at all levels of experience. We host classes for guest instructors such as Massad Ayoob, Rangemaster, D.T.I., and others throughout the year.

Private lessons are available and group lessons and events can be accommodated as well.

Many local law enforcement agencies utilize our facilities for departmental drills Ridgid impact wrench, training and qualifications at little to no cost.

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  1. What is ASSERT Training?

ASSERT Training stands for Active School Shooter Emergency Response Team Training. ASSERT Training is a 53 hour comprehensive training program for training school faculty how to respond in an active shooter scenario in their school. Why? Because unless the shooter’s first contact is with a school resource officer, the school faculty are truly the first responders in an active shooter crisis. They must be trained to make a quick assessment and respond in multiple ways under extreme stress.

FBI Statistics on Active Shooters

  • Active-shooter incidents often occur in small- and medium-sized communities where police departments are limited by budget constraints and small workforces.
  • The average active-shooter incident lasts 12 minutes. Thirty-seven percent last less than 5 minutes.
  • Overwhelmingly, the offender is a single shooter (98 percent), primarily male (97 percent). In 40 percent of the instances, they kill themselves.
  • Two percent of the shooters bring IEDs as an additional weapon.
  • In 10 percent of the cases, the shooter stops and walks away. In 20 percent of the cases, the shooter goes mobile, moving to another location.
  • Forty-three percent of the time, the crime is over before police arrive. In 57 percent of the shootings, an officer arrives while the shooting is still underway.
  • The shooter often stops as soon as he hears or sees law enforcement, sometimes turning his anger or aggression on law enforcement.
  • Patrol officers are most likely responding alone or with a partner. When responding alone, 75 percent had to take action.
  • A third of those officers who enter the incident alone are shot by the intruder.

Why Train Faculty?

Excerpted from Those Terrible First Few Minutes  Revisiting Active-Shooter Protocols for Schools

By Michael E. Buerger, Ph.D., and Geoffrey E. Buerger, Ph.D.

“The list of school shootings continues to grow. School administrators, law enforcement personnel, parents, and concerned citizens must consider all possibilities. An effective top corded hammers / electric response requires school-specific planning and coordination grounded in local conditions. To open a discussion on and promote the development of options for action during those first few minutes when hiding quietly and waiting for help may not be viable are paramount goals for all communities.”

Armed or Unarmed:

We offer two levels of training.

Level I for schools who want their faculty to be TRAINED NOT ARMED

Level II for schools who want their faculty to be TRAINED AND ARMED

For information on either level of ASSERT Training please contact us by emailing us, filling out the form below or calling us at 479-866-7280.

We will work with you to create a plan specific to your school and your needs.