Wireless Microphones And Microphones For Recording

If you are in the sound recording business, microphones are a must have in your industry. And sound recording isn’t restricted only to musicians, these days the internet is choc-a-bloc with artistes who are using various platforms – YouTube, SoundCloud, etc – to make their mark and for them, it is important to have the best equipment at hand!

My Oktava MK-319 rocks!!!

When it comes to microphones, Oktava is the best in the business. Launched in 2012, the Oktava MK-319 is a derivative of the MK-219. These Russian made microphones are not known for their looks but for their recording capacity.

Here are a few salient features:

* Same circuitry as the mk-219

* Loarge gold-coated diaphgram

* FET electronics

* Good output transformer

The sound is full-bodied and quite smooth and makes the person sound like themselves, if, however, you want to take it to the next level, then there are a few modifications you can make to the mic that will take it to the next level. This modification will help accentuate the pluses of the mic and help tune out the minuses thereby elevating the sound to world-class quality. For the money paid, and the resultant output, my oktava mk-319 truly rocks!

If you are looking for other brands, here are some specs/price/availability Scarlett 2i2. Sold by Focusrite, this is a well-known interface and true to its name this is a bright red interface.


1. 2 balanced inputs – front panel combo jacks – mic/line/instrument

2. 2 balanced outputs with monitor level control – rear panel TRS

3. Headphone output with volume control

4. +10 to +55 dB gain range for preamps

5. Halo signal and overload metering on inputs

6. Phantom power button

7. Switchable line/input for each input

8. Direct monitor switch

9. USB2

10. 96 kHz max sample rate

11. Red anodized aluminum unibody case

12. Includes USB cable, Scarlett plug-in suite (EQ, Compressor, Gate, Reverb)



Availability: It is quite easily available on Amazon. The product is usually well-stocked.

And now for wireless mics. These are highly convenient, especially when you need to be mobile and need to create an air of informality. Here are best wireless mics ●● in the market today

1. Shure SLX2/SM58 – this is great for live music performances, lectures, in the boardrooms, wherever people congregate and where one needs to speak

2. Audio Technica PRO-502 – great price, great sound, great features

3. Shure BLX288/PG58 – very popular and uses high end tech to give you the best sound

4. Pyle-Pro PDWM 2100 – comes with two units and is great for small spaces

5. Audio Technica ATR288W – Can work in ranges from 100” to 300” depending on the conditions

If you’re a recording artiste, making sure you get the best sound is everything. Here’s a tip on the best microphone for recording. Recording microphones are condensing microphones. These mics are ideal because they are quite sensitive and record a wide range of frequencies. This way you get the most optimum output for your vocals.